Professional real estate for sellers, buyers, renters, and wholesalers.

Need to sell your unwanted residential or commercial property?

We buy residential, commercial, mixed use, estate, rentals, and even businesses.

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Bushwood Group, LLC is a family owned and operated business. Operating from Butler, MD, we serve the Greater Baltimore Area in several different ways, as it relates to real estate: we purchase no longer needed or unwanted real estate – estate properties, commercial or residential, land, and mixed-use. We can purchase and liquidate virtually any property. Bushwood Group also rehabilitates property for resale, provides funding for short term mortgages, conducts real estate auctions, rents residential and mixed use properties from our own portfolio, buys notes/mortgages, and even buys businesses.

Established in 2005, we have grown from just rehabilitating properties to providing a wide range of real estate services. Founder, president and principal buyer George E. Linthicum, IV is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Investors United School of Real Estate. He also serves as a mentor to new real estate investors and serves as an Auction Associate at Auction Brokers, LLC.

When you sell to Bushwood Group, you:

  • do not pay any fees, commissions, or closing costs
  • properties are bought in AS-IS condition (that means there are no repairs to make)
  • we pay in all cash (we do not require bank financing, appraisals, or third-party inspectors)
  • Settlements are fast

Whether you are looking to sell unwanted or no longer needed real estate, are needing to sell an estate property, liquidating unwanted rentals, or are a homebuyer or renter looking for a beautiful new residence, rely on us for exceptional personalized service and exquisite properties.

Founder, President, and Principal Buyer

At Bushwood Group, we provide expert real estate services for sellers, buyers, renters, and wholesalers. We specialize in all aspects of real estate – from AS-IS real estate purchase, to portfolio development and liquidation, to property rehabilitation, to rental property purchase and liquidation, to funding and business purchase. Our goal is to quickly buy any unwanted residence, commercial building, land, rental property, or business.  No matter what condition it is in, we’ll buy it in AS-IS condition.

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