Frequently Asked Questions about home buyers

How does it work? Selling to Bushwood vs. hiring an agent:


Agent sales involve you paying commissions, closing costs, making costly repairs, waiting for offers, and people coming in and out of your property.  You pray the eventual buyers can qualify for a loan and the property appraises.  

As home buyers, Bushwood eliminates ALL of those hurdles.

Are there any fees?


There are never any fees, commissions, or closing costs when we buy your property.  

We buy AS-IS, which means you don't make any repairs.

How fast can we settle?


As professional home buyers, we can settle on your schedule, or as soon as the title company finishes their work (title search/exam, deed prep, lien sheet review, pay-off requests, escrow true-ups, etc.).  

We pay all cash, so there are never any financing contingencies or appraisals, that typically bog down, or kill off sales. 

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Sales comparison

It's much easier to sell to Bushwood. Let's look how...


                                        Selling with an agent       SOLD to Bushwood 


Commissions / Fees:          6% on average            $0 - NONE


Who Pays Closing Costs?:  You do.  2% on avg.       WE DO 

Inspection & 

Financing Contingency*:  Yes, up to 15% of sales    NONE

                                           fall through

Appraisal Needed:          Yes, sale is often               NONE

                                          subject to appraisal         All cash offer

Average Days Until Sold: +/-   91 days          IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER


Number of Showings:      It depends                 Only one - just us

Closing Date:  30-60 +/- days after             Date of your choosing

                        accepting buyers offer.            


Who Pays For Repairs?:  You do                  We pay for all repairs